If I’m not worth $6 an hour to you then don’t call me for Free advice.


I want to remind you that we have an opportunity to get great coaching in the power up summit coming up in May. So, click the link below, get more information get signed up, you get two great coaches for like six bucks an hour. And I’m telling you right now, if we’re afraid that you don’t sign up, don’t call me for free advice. I’m not worth $6 an hour, I don’t want to hear from you either. Listen, if you don’t learn how to value yourself, other people will never value you. You don’t know how to love yourself, no one else can truly love you. Because you won’t be being yourself you won’t be doing the things you care about. And wherever they’re loving is not really going to be you. So, understand something What got you here won’t get you there. And if you need some help plug in and power up the power of summit. Click the link below. I’m going to switch on coach. Looking forward to seeing you there. Remember, is six bucks an hour if I’m not worth that, don’t call me for advice. I don’t want to hear it. Talk to you later. Plug in, power up and get to switchOn.



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