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It the world of “how to make money online”, there are legit ways to do it, and a lot of scammy ways too. There’s always confusion about what’s a legit way to make money online, what’s a scam, what’s a pyramid scheme, and what’s just deceptive marketing.

In this video I answer the question of whether or not affiliate marketing is a pyramid scheme. The answer is no, it’s not, because with the vast majority of affiliate programs you are not promoting the opportunity to make money. You are promoting a product which satisfies the need of a customer, and the transaction ends there.

Even with so called “make money online” products, if you are teaching people to make money in their own niches (choose your niche and the “make money” aspect ends there.

Where affiliates get right up close to the line is where they brag about their affiliate earnings, then encourage you to join the same system, and then you start promoting the same affiliate program to repeat their process, and then your “recruits” do the same, and so on. If the opportunity to make money is more attractive than the actual product, then you are running into pyramid territory IMO.

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