Is Affiliate Marketing Banned from Google AdWords?

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Many people think Affiliate Marketers are Banned from Google AdWords. We discuss this topic on this Google Hang-out because we have worked with many PPC advertisers who do affiliate marketing the right way. Many of them have had their AdWords accounts suspended in one way or another… but with our help and guidance… we were able to help them fix the issues and get Google’s approval to receive traffic from Google AdWords.

Our Personal Disclaimer:

1: Although advertisers have had their traffic reinstated by Google with our recommended changes, because Google reserves the right to refuse advertising to anyone for any or no reason, we cannot guarantee that Google will reinstate your traffic or account with my suggestions. Each case is unique and different.

2: Please note that each individual’s success depends on his or her own business model, website compliance, and account compliance.

3: Any case studies or testimonials disclosed on this channel should not be considered as typical or average. Like most things – on average, a very small percentage ever put in the work required to meet Google’s compliance standards.

4: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our knowledge of Google’s AdWords advertising policies.

5: We want to be extremely transparent with you. We make a living being independent AdWords Consultants and independent Pay-Per-Click Managers.

6: You should assume we are no better than you are and your opinion has just as much weight as ours. You should question everything we say and come up with your own thoughts and opinions and not blindly trust any Google AdWords consultant online.

7: We are not lawyers or accountants. Any legal or financial advice is our opinion based upon our experience. Always seek the advice of a licensed professional before acting on something that we might say.

8: This is NOT an official Google channel and the opinions and views on this blog are ours ONLY. Google has not verified any of the info we are presenting on this channel.

9: Our only affiliation with Google is through our Individual Google AdWords Certification and our Company’s Google Partner status. Google is not affiliated with any part of this channel or its contents.

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