Legit Affiliate Programs that Pay Instantly or Pay Daily Commissions 👌

These legit and reputable Affiliate Programs will pay you quickly so you can start earning cash faster!

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If you need to get paid fast, then promoting affiliate programs that pay instantly or have daily payouts are the way to go.

This is particularly needed if you are just starting out in your affiliate marketing business and need the funds to further grow your business.

Not to mention, what better way to stay motivated then to get immediate cash in your pocket?

Ok so let me share something important with you before we begin.

Most affiliate programs will protect themselves from fraudulent affiliate sales and refunds by having a longer payout schedule.

You’ll especially see this with high paying affiliate programs that pay out thousands of dollars per referral sign up.

These types of partner programs will pay their affiliates 30 to 90 days out or even longer for this reason.

That’s simply to say, instant and daily payout affiliate programs are few and far in between to find.

But if you need the money fast, then here are some programs to consider.

Affiliate Programs that Pay Instantly:

These types of programs will pay you instantly, generally as soon as you meet a certain threshold amount.

1. Practice Panther
2. Robinhood
3. JVZoo

Affiliate Programs that Pay Daily

Now let’s dive into programs that pay daily.

These affiliate programs do mass payouts of affiliate commissions on a daily basis. Some programs have minimum payout thresholds, while others do not. Whatever you sold that day, you get paid for that day.

So potentially, you could get paid every single day if you’re really hitting it out of the park with your marketing efforts!

1. ClickMagick is a link tracking software program that helps you track and optimize incoming traffic to your links. Not only will you know where all your traffic is coming from, you’ll also know where best to focus your attention to make the most amount of money.

This tool is perfect for entrepreneurs, info marketers, affiliates, consultants, e-com stores, or any small business advertising online. It was built by a ‘Super Affiliate’ to help him track and get conversion data for his own multi-million dollar online business.

One of their greatest selling points is that they help you track clicks and sales that Google and Facebook analytics miss. Generally, ad networks miss tracking around 15% – 25% of your sales.

Someone relying on Facebook ads or Google analytics to drive more traffic and sales to their websites or sales funnels, may be missing out big time on getting accurate data. ClickMagick is the solution to this problem.

2. Coinbase is one of the leading digital currency exchange platforms brokering the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin currency, and is currently available in over 100+ countries.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has become so popular that governments and banking regulators intervened and warned that Bitcoin could be the next economic bubble. That in my book screams opportunity for anyone looking to cash in on it.

Affiliate Programs that Pay 100% Commissions

Now that we’ve covered the affiliate programs that pay instantly or have daily payouts, I also want to let you in on one little secret. There are affiliate programs that payout a full 100% commissions per sale.

Yes, you heard that right.

If the product is being sold for $100 and you make an affiliate sale, you earn the full $100 in commissions.

Here are two such programs that offer 100% Commissions:

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