Make $1,000,000 with Affiliate Marketing Online (7 REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES)

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Today you’re gonna see 7 ordinary people who have made over $1,000,000 online with affiliate marketing.

I want to show these examples to prove to you the huge potential with affiliate marketing. Even though you can get started for free and you can earn money simply when someone clicks your links, your earning potential is basically unlimited.

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You can also learn more from these people through the links that I leave you below:

1. Eddy Salomon

Eddy’s example shows that you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing online even though you would do it part-time and work in a full-time job.

Eddy made over $1 million with affiliate marketing

Eddy made over $100,000 in a year blogging part-time

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2. Nathaniell

Originally, I got started through Nathaniell’s website. There was a small banner saying, “Do you want to make money by selling other people’s products on Amazon.”

His story of “living like a king in China” while earning dollars online inspired me a lot. He provided me a lots of affiliate marketing tips and advice along the way.

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3. Vitaly Gershfeld

Vitaly’s encouragement and affiliate marketing advice was extremely helpful to me when I was getting started.

Learn more from Vitaly below:

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4. Jerry Huang

When I met Jerry in 2018, he was making less than $1,000 per month online. After 1 year he made $106,000 in 1 week.

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5. Nathan Lucas

I saw Nathan Lucas when I started going through Legendary Marketer training. His example inspired me to put more effort on building a YouTube channel.

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He made over $1 million dollars part-time with affiliate marketing while working full-time for the US army.

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6. Jay Brown

I also heard of Jay Brown from Legendary Marketer. He made over $1,000,000 with Legendary Marketer like Nathan Lucas.

See Jay Brown’s YouTube channel below:

7. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn was one of the first persons that I saw making passive income online.

See Pat’s website below:

My mission is to help ordinary people to make a LIFE-CHANGING income online and I’d love to help YOU as well.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll read your comment and reply to you personally.


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