New Way To Make Money Online 2021 (Without Ads Or SEO)

New Way To Make Money Online 2021 (Without Ads Or SEO)

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00:00 Make money without ads or seo
00:10 pros and cons of SEO and PPC
00:25 start making money online right away
00:56 old-school way to make money online
01:12 best way for beginners to make money online in 2021
01:45 How long does it take to get monetized on YouTube
02:15 How much does a channel with 1000 subscribers make from ad revenue?
04:01 Selling website service online
05:15 The new way to make money online in 2021
06:10 Three steps for beginners to start making money online
06:57 best automated video marketing service
09:00 How to make money online without seo or paid ads
10:34 Get large amounts of internet traffic virtually overnight
11:00 How to wake up to sales tomorrow
11:36 Build a landing page for your affiliate offers
12:03 The simplest landing page of all
12:54 This very simple links page makes money online
13:27 How to make money with a simple landing page
13:49 How to find affiliate offers to promote in 2021
14:25 How to get free websites and landing pages for life
15:58 How to build a landing page in Groovepages
16:16 Groove affiliate program

Want to start making money online, but don’t have money for ads?

Are you ready to start earning passive income from social media without having to learn technical skills like SEO?

If you just want to cut to the chase, and start monetizing loads of internet traffic immediately without waiting weeks or months to get results from search engine optimization, this video is for you. In this video, I will show you how to start earning money by promoting affiliate offers on a simple links page. Instead of building an entire website, or even a video sales letter, or skyscraper landing page, this technique just takes a few minutes. The best part is, this process can be done entirely free, meaning you don’t need to spend any money on software, tools, or even ppc (pay per click) advertising!

Groovepages will not only let you build (and host) your links page completely free, but they will even pay you to put a button on your page. Also know as an affiliate program, this simply means that Groovefunnels will pay you a commission each time someone upgrades through the link on your website. So that covers how to monetize the free website, but how do you drive traffic to a free website without pay-per-click ads like Facebook ads or Google search campaigns?

The answer to getting unlimited free traffic is simple: Social media! Tiktok, in particular, is an extremely good platform for making affiliate sales fast. Many people believe Tiktok is just young people singing songs or doing silly skits, but the reality is, the popularity of the platform is exploding, and the algorithm is ripe for your affiliate marketing content.

Is it possible to make money online quickly using Groovefunnels and Tiktok? Watch the entire video to find out!

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