Replace your ENTIRE sales team with this Phone Funnel 📞 ☎️ 📱 | What The Funnel Ep. 7

In this episode of What The Funnel, we share the secret way to flip the script and have your potential customers sell YOU on why THEY should pay for your services.

People hate when annoying sales people call them during dinner but if they are the ones calling you, then they have already sold themselves.

Introducing the Phone Funnel.

This series is presented by ClickFunnels.
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00:00 | Intro
00:35 | Phone Funnel Explained
02:00 | Funnel Breakdown
02:10 | Page 1 – The Success Story Page
03:51 | Page 2 – The Application Page
06:02 | Page 3 – The Homework Page
06:36 | Recap
06:49 | Examples

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