Start Earning from Affiliate Marketing with zero budget?

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In this video, you’ll learn how to start earning in Affiliate marketing even you don’t have moeny to spend on paid ads like FB and Google Ads.

Here are my favourite ways to start affiliate marketing organically.

1. Facebook Groups

There is a Facebook group that covers everything, from WordPress to food. People love to be passionate about things. People are passionate about finding like-minded people to share their interests.

Contribute to a relevant group in your niche. But there is a caveat. These groups are not allowed to promote your links. You will be branded spam if you do this.

2. Reddit

Reddit does not allow direct advertising. Reddit is a community that allows direct advertising. However, it can bring in huge traffic if done correctly.

Reddit will ban you if you post affiliate links. Reddit must be used regularly by you to share useful information, help others, and participate in a lot of other activities.

3. Tumblr

It will be easily flagged as spam if you are talking about sharing affiliate links directly on Tumblr.

I recommend that you create a blog for free. Create a landing page that is very attractive about the affiliate product and promote it on Tumblr.

This will ensure that your blog/website is not flagged easily, and you can track many things such as who clicked on what, which traffic type was converted, and so forth.

4. Quora Space

You must first choose a quality product to promote. Also, ensure that advertisers have rated the product or services you are promoting highly (you can search the name of the product on Google).

Next comes promotion. Quora Space, which is very similar to Facebook Groups, is the best organic traffic source. The community will answer your questions, and you can also ask them questions. You can then suggest that they visit your blog to find their answers. You should not include the affiliate link in any answers.

5. Giphy

Giphy is a huge source of organic traffic. All you have to do is create a GIF and upload it to You can also share your affiliate link. These GIF images will be downloaded by people all over the globe. These GIFs can be created using “CANVA”. Simply create multiple images in different positions and save them as GIFs. Then, upload the image to Giphy’s website along with a description and the affiliate link.

6. Pinterest Group Boards

“Pinterest is a great source of traffic for affiliate marketing as it can drive visitors to your site on a daily basis.”

“When Pinterest users click on your Pinterest pin images, they will be directed directly to your website. This can increase affiliate sales.”

Perhaps you are wondering if Pinterest allows you to post affiliate links. This is all “aboveboard”?

Yes. You can use Pinterest to promote affiliate marketing. This is all within the platform’s terms and conditions.

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09:50 Quora Space
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13:40 Pinterest Group Boards

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