The Best Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing – Free Website vs. Self Hosted

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My answer is pretty simple – if you don’t plan to build a sustainable long term online business and if you don’t plan make serious money online, then of course it’s totally fine to build your website on any of the free platforms.

However, if you are serious and ready to comit to build your online business and reach financial freedom sooner or later, then my answer to you is – self hosted website is the only right option here.

In this video I go over the key points why self hosted website is the best website builder for affiliate marketing.

If you are new to online marketing and think that creating your own website is complicated, I have good new for you! In my free affiliate marketing course in Lesson 3 &4 I go over the whole process showing step-by-step how to build your website. You will see how simple it is!

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P.S. Just so you know, guys from A2 support moved all my websites to their hosting absolutely for free. I’m not sure if it’s included in their service, or if they just liked me.

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