Iiiiiiinnnnn this video the Passive Income Geek (Morten Storgaard) chats to me about creating a passive income. He has a portfolio of sites that generate him a huge income (1 site alone does $26,000 per month). During the call we talk about Content, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Ezoic and much much more.

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• Income School:
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• Shaun Marrs:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:36 Morten Introduces himself
00:04:53 How much do you earn from your sites?
00:05:52 How does your website generate it’s income?
00:06:32 Ezoic and Ads on your sites
00:08:24 Advice for someone starting out
00:10:26 How long does it take for a website to start taking off?
00:12:57 Have you ever had any sites that haven’t worked?
00:14:05 How do you choose a niche?
00:16:31 What type of site do you prefer?
00:18:15 How do you come up with ideas for content?
00:20:55 Where do you get your traffic from?
00:21:55 What’s the trick to getting ranked on Google?
00:26:59 Do you do any link building?
00:28:53 Is Pinterest a good way to get traffic and build links?
00:30:50 Do you use any tools with Pinterest?
00:31:57 What are your thoughts on Amazon associates? What’s your affiliate mix?
00:34:45 What’s your end game plan?
00:35:51 Where do you sell your sites?
00:37:42 Passive Income Geek Cours

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