TheREel: How to Make Money Online With Youtube Content; How to Start from Zero. Part 2

TheREel: How to Make Money Online With Youtube Content; How to Start from Zero

I am trying to create an online business and make money online,

I will talk about my experience of the whole process, what I have to go through, the information I need to continue reading, the help I can get, and where to get it from.

The fear of starting up an internet based business model. The challenges, the fears, the failures, and start again when I fail.

It’s an ongoing learning process for me; Currently, I’m learning and continuing to learn and put to use, the technics that I have also been learning on Youtube. I’m Learnin very many new things, and have had to bring back certain skillsets that I had acquired, and not used for a very long time.

This is proving to be a challenge; Not the part of creating Videos (That’s the easy part; Lights Position & Shoot Hmmmm!!! Is it that Simple?) The Content, topical, the sound quality, posture, what you have to talk about. That’s hard part.

In doing this as a lowkey I try to follow in the footsteps of those who have been there before us, I try to replicate their Income Stream strategies, which is even harder than I thought;

Because, when you see these aforementioned guys, it all seems easy, with the thought of some light work, and then all falls into Place; Not True at All! But, I wouldn’t want to Blame me for not deep-diving it with all that I have, to avoid regret!

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