Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programme In Malaysia


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Affiliate marketing is a great business model for Malaysian that want to start up an online business with zero cost .

In this video , I will share with you the top10 affiliate marketing programme in Malaysia

1)Shopee affiliate programme
With 12.3 million visitors a month on year 2018 Shopee is the seconds most popular online shopping for Malaysian. If you are into selling things online but you do not want to folk out any money to invest on products , you can join shopee affiliate marketing and start selling any products in Shopee . Shopee is paying out 2-7% on every products that you sell .
Shopee affiliate programme can be apply through accesstrade and also involve asia .
2)Lazada affiliate programme
With 27.99 million monthly visitors , lazada is the #1 online shopping platform for fellow Malaysian. Exactly same as Shopee affiliate programme , you can sell anything on lazada with a commission pay out of 2-7%.

3) Involve Asia Affiliate Programme
Involve Asia is a platform that connect advertiser with affiliate marketers. You choose tonnes of affiliate marketing programme through Involve asia to promote in Malaysia , which include lazada and shopee affiliate marketing programme.

In this video I will be sharing some of the best affiliate programme from involve asia that you can consider to work on.

4)Accesstrade affiliate programme just came to Malaysia not long ago .Accesstrade is similar with involveasia.
I have personally met accesstrade”s CEO in Malaysia couple weeks back .There are the biggest adsvertisement and affialiate company in Japan . I have done some research on them and also publish some video about accesstrade in Malaysia.

In a nutshell , accesstrade is still in the phase of developing In the sense of getting more company into their platform so that affiliate marketers can promote their products.
5)Citibank affiliate programme
One of the criteria in choosing a affiliate programme is to sell high paying affiliate programme.Citibank is the only bank that offer affiliate programme in involve asia and acesstrade .
There are paying RM196 per success sign up . Imagine you get 1 sign up everyday , and you will get RM 5880 per month!

6)Carsome affiliate programme RM 15.3
Carsome affiliate programme is a good affiliate programme that you want to promote in Malaysia .They are paying RM15.3 per leads . Leads mean people that interested in buying cars. So it is not per transaction or successful car selling . As long as you can drive people that interested in buying car in carsome , you will get RM 15.3 .

7)Airbnb affiliate programme earn about RM 200 per sign up
Air bnb is a great affiliate programme that you want to promote as well . Everyone know about Airbnb. So you do not really need to promote about it to let people know what does airbnb is doing.
With airbnb affiliate programme , when a user sign up as a airbnb host you will get RM200 per sign up. The economy is not getting worst ,and alot of people are looking at renting out their houses . Those people are you target market , as you provide a solution to them , to help them to rent out their house.

8)Easy store affiliate programme
If you are into dropshipping like myself , you might want to consider easystore affiliate marketing programme . Easy store is a store that enable user to sell their products as a individual business or intergrate with shopee , lazada and others ecommerce platform for dropshipping business model.

I use to promote easy store affiliate programme , but I stop it . As , I feel that beginners should directly sync shopee and lazada with supplier instead of going through easy store .By doing this , they can save couple of hundrends per year and much more easy to start.You will earn 20% from each plan.The commision is range from RM25 to 125 depends on which plan you sell .

You can apply easy store affiliate programme at easy store itself.

9)Exabyte affilate programme$ 100 to $365
If you are familiar with website and blog , you can apply for exabyte affiliate programme. Exabytes is like where you can buy website , hosting , domains name from it.Exabytes is from Malaysia .There are paying a good amount of money from 100$ to $365 .

10)Unifi Broadband 14% per sign up
Another good affiliate programme that you can join in Malaysia is by selling unifi broadband. You will get 14% per sign up .So the commision will range from RM 11 for the to RM27.86 per sign up
You can apply it from involveasia

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