Finding a niche to promote is tough, in this video ill introduce some of the best affiliate niches with really high paying affiliate programs.

A tip of advice, when you are selecting a niche, write about something that you personally believe in. DO NOT write about things that pay the most, this is a very quick way to make people know that you are in it for the money and you aren’t providing any real value.

Here are some of the best affiliate programs and also highest paying affiliate programs ive seen in the market

1. Porn Industry – Most searched and Highest commission rates (50% Revenue Shares + $5-10 Per Lead + 100%-300% Match Per Sign Up)
2. Gambling Industry – 50% Revenue Shares or Per Sign Up
3. Dating – 100% Match Bonuses + Revenue Share
4. Stocks + Crypto – 40%-100% Match + 80-100% Revenue Shares (capped at around $500-$1000)
5. Website Platforms ( 20-200% Commision Rates)
6. Software (Rates go from 20-50%)
7. Marketing Platforms (40% Monthly Recurring Commissions)
8. Web Hosting ( Good Market but very competitive $50-150 )
9. Loan Industry ($100-300 Per Sign Ups)
10. Traveling Industry ( 2-7% Commisions – Super high converting )

Other Reputable

Health And Fitness ( Very Competitive )
Amazon Associates (Low Paying, High Converting
Making Money Online

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