Top 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Syptools for Beginners

Do you want to know which are the best three affiliate marketing spy tools for beginners? Watcht this video and see a detailed tutorial of the best spytools for beginners.

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In today’s affiliate marketing industry having access to a spytool is absolutely crucial. A spytool allows you to see what is working for other affiliates and what angles you can try yourself on your campaigns.

You should think this way if other affiliates are spying on your campaigns and you are not spying on them, then you are in a disadvantaged position. If other affiliates are learning from what is working for you then you should learn from them too.

One of the spytools that we will talk about in this video is Adplexity. AdPlexity is a competitive intelligence tool for mobile, native, and adult ads. Often it’s believed that competitive intelligence tools are used to simply copy/paste winning campaigns which will be profitable straight away when »plugged« into a traffic source.

Anstrex is another popular spy tool that most affiliates use.Basically, Anstrex is a competitor spy ads tool, similar to names on the market you may already be familiar with, such as AdPlexity, but its focus is aimed squarely at the push notification and native ads market.

The third spytool that we recommend and that the majority of affiliates use is Adbeat. AdBeat is an online marketing spy tool that allows you to uncover any advertiser’s ad strategy. AdBeat’s focus is on display advertising, not search engine advertising. The tool covers 26 different countries, 90+ ad networks and five different device types (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet).

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