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Your content is the #1 most important part about building your brand and reputation online. You need to make your stuff look good, sound good, and be mistake-free.

If you’re like us, then going LIVE regularly from your phone can also very time-consuming, stressful, and it never seems to go 100% perfectly.

So what if you could record your video instead, get the perfect take… And stream it as if it was a LIVE video?

That would mean no more glitching (GOODBYE BAD WIFI!), no more photo bombers or mistakes, and always look the best in front of your LIVE audience!

It’s kinda like giving the perfect talk, but you only have to perform it once and then have your BEST LIVE version of yourself promoting your brand for you, every single day.

If this were true…

If something like this could exist…

This would also give you the ability to “batch produce” all of your content in ONE DAY. What if you could record an entire months worth of LIVE videos in just a couple of hours? With a little scheduling, you’d save yourself loads of time!

Introducing LivePigeon: The software that is CHANGING LIVES!

We make creating LIVE videos easier. No more stress & anxiety, no more LIVE mistakes, and HELLO bigger audience!

Now you can upload & schedule ALL of your videos, to be shown to the world as if it is really LIVE, and walk away.

Because now you can let LIVEpigeon can give your message wings and take flight. 🙂

Visit: and send your first LIVE videos for FREE today!

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