What I do when times get rough in affiliate marketing business

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What I do when times get rough in my affiliate marketing business

In this video, I talk about what I do when things get tough in my affiliate marketing business. Life isn’t all fairy tales and skittles. Life can be extremely challenging especially with the way things are currently going in society.

What helps me get through the rough times is having a daily schedule that I execute and focusing on the one thing I can control which gives me discipline. My daily routine keeps me grounded and focused on what’s important.

In the past something crazy would happen and throw me off. I wouldn’t do the necessary steps my business needed because I got distracted at times. I have learned since then that when something happens, how to immediately snap out of it and get back to my daily discipline and my daily routine.

When things get too crazy is I just focus on completing my daily routine. This is very similar to my time spent in the Marine Corps with regard to putting on my uniform daily and just showing up.

There is a quote that says “80% of success is just showing up” and that is true. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and producing.

I follow a guy called the “Real Estate Doru” who said “when I hit $10K a month, I’m going to sail across the Pacific in a yacht, and since he has hit $10K a month has still yet to set sail” and the point being, that success is found in the daily disciplines and not the wins per se.

Every day I try to read a sentence in a book, listen to one minute of an audio, produce a little bit of content for my business, make one new business connection, and I have a few other tasks. As long as I have completed this list, then I consider that a success.

This really does keep me going through the rough times. I don’t focus on the external and only focus on the internal (which is my daily disciplines). I remember hearing another quote from where, I don’t remember, but the quote was “get so busy focusing on the outgo that you don’t notice the income and when that happens, the income will take care of itself.”

Be the person who you want to be now and you will do the things that you need to do to become that person, and when you do that you will have what you want to have. Get so focused on the output that you don’t notice the income.

I still suffer from this from time to time. Whenever you start thinking about how bad it is, take that bad energy and put it into something productive and just keep cranking.

Producers get paid. Consumers just consume and pay producers. I heard in different ways from other successful affiliate marketers that if you just produce and keep on producing, then you will find success!

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