What is Affiliate Marketing? (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)

In this video I am going to break down Affiliate Marketing for beginners.

What is Affiliate Makreting & how does it work? Here’s a basic flow:

(1) Join an affiliate network
(2) Browse their inventory of affiliate products & find one you like
(3) Then send traffic to that affiliate offer (Bing Ads, Google Ads, FB Ads, Free Traffic, etc..)
(4) The affiliate network will track all the sales you bring in from your traffic
(5) Earn commissions…

How do Affiliate Networks make their money? 4 Main Ways:

#1 – Affiliate Networks make money by taking a small percentage of each conversion you send.
#2 – Some networks scrub a certain percentage of conversions to earn additional money
#3 – Some own their own offers (Network Exclusive Offers)
#4 – Most have an “Internal” media buying team!

Great networks will have “White Hat” offers that you can run compliantly on Facebook Ads and they will have active affiliate managers!

Some Affiliate Networks require a proven track record of affiliate sales before even considering approving you.

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