What is ClickFunnels And ClickFunnels Alternatives | WordPress & Free Sales Funnels (Part 0)

Lot of you have been asking me to make videos on how to make affiliate marketing funnels on WordPress. This is kind of the first part in the free/WordPress affiliate marketing funnels series.

But even before that, I think that it’s necessary to understand what exactly is Clickfunnels. We need to understand what it does, what all features do we get in that, and then we need to understand what are the alternatives to Clickfunnels.

Many people will tell you to just buy Clickfunnels no matter what is your need. Well, Clickfunnels is THE BEST for everyone (only if you buy using my affiliate link 😂). Just kidding, you need to understand what all features you need, does it make sense for you to invest in a software like Clickfunnels?

My aim of this video is to help you make an informed decision before buying any sales funnels software. Please note that all these are my opinions based on my personal experience and research. It might also happen that these might not make sense for you depending on your business. Please ask me in the comments what’s your business and I’ll help you make a better decision.

Blog Post on Thrive vs Clickfunnels

Here you can check all the pricing:

Free Clickfunnels Hindi Course:

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00:00 Intro
02:56 What EXACTLY is Clickfunnels?
03:30 Understanding features of Clickfunnels
08:31 Clickfunnels alternatives
(do watch my examples at 09:30 )
11:45 Clickfunnels alternatives continued
16:03 How to build sales funnel for free
18:40 My recommended affiliate funnel stack
20:28 Conclusion
21:26 Outro

I hope I’ve earned a like for this video 🙂 Let me know if you need any help.

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