What is ClickFunnels and How Does it Make You Money? – Here’s the Answer

ClickFunnels is your 24hr automated sales machine that works on your behalf to triple and quadruple your sales.
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ClickFunnels is a 24 hour automated sales machine that sells your product or service for you, without you having to be present. It’s a sales funnel software platform that online business owners use to make more sales and increase their profit margins in their business.

And unlike a traditional website, sales funnels have one purpose and one purpose only…to convert your traffic into paying customers.

Here’s how it works – Within your ClickFunnels Account, you choose a series of pre-built building blocks to sell your product of service. So if you have an e-commerce product to sell, you choose that specific set of blocks, if you’re a digital course creator or say a wellness coach, you choose those blocks, and so on and so forth.

These pre-built blocks have been tested by multi-millionaire business owners and shown to be a proven sales framework for selling in your particular niche.

Now, after you’ve chosen your niche specific sales funnel (or set of blocks), then you start customizing your funnel to the product that you’re selling. Now, since you’re completely brand new to ClickFunnels, I wouldn’t expect you to know how to fill in these building blocks to build a high converting sales funnel.

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